Our Purpose

We create innovative electronics that help to improve the world and people's lives.

We create products that deliver value for customers in four main areas.

Investing in renewable energy electronic solutions

Our products are used in renewable energy generation, enabling the transition to the green economy.

Application examples:

  • Vertical ‘cone’ scanning LiDAR for wind turbines used to analyse wind speed and direction to ensure maximum efficiency and yield
  • Liquid cooled transformers and reactors for converting the energy generated from wind turbines to appropriate voltages for the distribution grid
  • Innovative roller blind with solar panels built in to generate solar energy

Advancing electrification of transportation

We provide electrification solutions for public transportation and personal vehicles, helping to reduce carbon emissions and air and noise pollution.

Application examples:

  • Electrical motors used for powering electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Pressure transmitter used in zero-emission buses running on hydrogen based power
  • Hyperchargers for public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Battery isolation switches used on trains that are designed to switch high power DC on-load currents

Enhancing the quality of life and care for people

Our products are used in a variety of medical equipment and devices, helping to improve people’s lives and care.

Application examples:

  • Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) detectors used in bone density scanners, which benefit over 34,000 patients each year
  • Power transformers for intensive care ventilators, providing life-sustaining ventilation and breathing support for critical care patients
  • Nebulisers for aerosol drug delivery that increase the effectiveness of the inhaled medication, resulting in faster symptom control

Contributing to improving efficiencies in energy use

Our products are designed to minimise energy consumption and emissions, thereby ensuring improved performance and efficiency.

Application examples:

  • UniQ heat battery energy storage solution used in household boilers can generate energy savings of up to 80% and carbon dioxide reductions of up to 40%
  • HVDC (high voltage direct current) switches used in electric power transmission systems reduces power losses up to 6.5% compared with alternative methods