Acquired - 2019

Focus - Sensing & Data Acquisition

Sens-Tech designs and manufactures specialist sensing and data acquisition modules for x-ray and optical detection applications across the medical, transport security, food processing and industrial markets.

I started to look for a new owner for Sens-Tech when I realised that the business could grow faster and open up new opportunities with the right strategic partner. I wanted to remain very involved in running the business but also wanted to share the burden of day-to-day management and free up my time to focus on developing new products and technology.

When I started the process to sell my company, discoverIE stood out among potential acquirers for lots of reasons, not least because their team really understand industrial electronics and could see how to exploit the potential in my business. I was also attracted by their long-term commitment to acquired businesses and the impressive capabilities across the Design & Manufacturing division.

I was warned that selling any business can be stressful but the fact that discoverIE had made a lot of successful acquisitions gave me confidence that the process would be well-managed. Due diligence was very straightforward, helped by the fact that the discoverIE team were well-prepared and had a lot of experience with my kind of business and the markets in which we operate. They were also fair and transparent when it came to negotiating the legal and financial aspects of the deal.

I am pleased to say that I am well on the way to achieving the transition I wanted and discoverIE’s distinctive operating model has been key to this. With an expanded team and discoverIE’s close support, I am spending more and more of my time on technology and growth opportunities and I feel I made a great choice in partnering with discoverIE. My company has already benefited in many ways from becoming part of the group and I am excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.

Steve Jaye
Former MD Sens-Tech