Our Planet


We have made decarbonisation a major priority and have a target of reducing our like-for-like emissions, initially Scope 1 and 2, by 50% between 2019 and 2025.

We aim to achieve this goal through:

  • Reducing carbon emissions from energy consumption (Scope 2) by:
    • Purchasing electricity from renewable sources
    • Installing renewable energy generation on site
    • Implementing energy saving measures
  • Switching to hybrid or electric vehicles where practical
  • Replacing gas heating with heat pumps and other natural sources

See TCFD to found out more about climate-related risks and opportunities.

Waste management

We minimise waste in the manufacture of products, using recycling options where possible and reducing packaging. Where hazardous materials are used in the manufacturing process, environmental risks are minimised by using appropriate labelling and technical information, in conjunction with training and procedures for handling, storage and disposal.

Water usage

Our production processes require little or no water. Therefore the risk of water scarcity to our operations is deemed to be immaterial.

We have also set a target of 80% of our operations, measured by revenue, to achieve ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation by 2025, ensuring appropriate policies, processes and systems are in place in our companies to manage their environmental performance.