Our Strategy

Nick Jefferies - Group Chief Executive

“We aim to grow our business in customised electronics by focusing on markets with sustained growth prospects, driven by increasing electronic content and where there is an essential need for our products. Our strategy is underpinned by strong cash flow and our commitment to sustainability.”

Nick Jefferies
Group Chief Executive

Our strategy has four strategic priorities:

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Grow sales well ahead of GDP over the economic cycle by focusing on structural growth markets, namely renewable energy, transportation, medical and industrial & connectivity. The Group has delivered on average 10% annual organic growth since FY2018.

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Move up the value chain where operating margins are higher. We aim to achieve this by leveraging synergies amongst our companies, improving efficiency and acquiring high quality businesses.

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Acquire high quality businesses with attractive growth prospects and strong, sustainable margins. We have a clear approach to acquisitions and the target businesses must have the discoverIE DNA.

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Further internationalise the business by expanding in North America and Asia where demands for our products are growing fast.

Key Strategic Indicators

Increase underlying operating margin

Build sales beyond Europe

Target market sales

Carbon Emission Absolute Reduction