Metrics and Targets

In support of the global transition to a low carbon economy, we have made decarbonisation a major priority for the Group since 2020.

We have set a target of reducing our like-for-like carbon emissions intensity for Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 50% over the five years to 2025, with an end goal of achieving net zero within our operations as well as our supply chain.

Carbon Intensity

As over 80% of our emissions are from the electricity we use. We aim to achieve the 2025 reduction goal through three ways:

Other environmental related targets are:

2021 2022 2025 Target
Operations achieved
ISO 14001
System accreditation
61% 63% 80%
Operations completed energy audits 13% 23% 80%
EV/hybrid cars as % of total car fleet 19% 26% 50%