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Beacon EmbeddedWorks is a full-service provider of embedded solutions. All aspects of hardware design, software design and manufacturing are performed in our US-based facility. Our innovative System on Modules (SOMs) are backed by an extensive suite of customization, security, and support services. As dependable, pre-certified, and feature dense solutions, Beacon EmbeddedWorks SOMs serve the most strenuous applications and are ideal for regulated industries. Our dedicated team of experts provide in-house manufacturing and support for our SOMs to accelerate development and reduce risk.

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Products & services

System on Modules (SOMs)

  • NXP:
    • iMX 8M Plus, i.MX 8M Nano, i.MX 8M Mini
    • i.MX6 SOM-M3
    • i.MX31 SOM-LV
    • LH7A404 Card Engine, LH7A400 Card Engine
  • Renesas:
    • RZ/G2 Series
  • Texas Instruments:
    • OMAP35x SOM-LV, OMAP35x Torpedo
    • OMAP-L138 SOM-M1
    • DM3730/AM3730 SOM-LV, DM3730/AM3730 Torpedo, DM3730/AM3730 Torpedo + Wireless
    • AM3517 SOM-M2
    • AM1808 SOM-M1
  • Xilinx:
    • Inflexion Zynq 7020 SOM-LV

Development Kits

  • ZoomTM RZ/G2 Development Kit
  • ZoomTM i.MX 8M Mini Development Kit
  • ZoomTM DM3730 SOM-LV Development Kit
  • ZoomTM DM3730 TorpedoTM Development Kit

Customization Services

  • Hardware
    • Full Custom
    • Partial Custom
  • Software
    • Custom Drivers
    • Software Applications


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • End Device

Markets served

  • Medical and Life Sciences
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Automation and Connectivity

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Contact information

6201 Bury Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
United States
(612) 436-9724


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016