Positek is a leading worldwide supplier of high performance, non-contact Linear, Rotary and Tilt position sensors that use our own inductive technology. Fully customized designs, industry leading delivery times and a very high quality product make Positek the number one choice for engineers looking for the very best position sensors on offer.

Product images

Positek product 1
Positek product 2
Positek Product 3

Products & services

  • Linear, rotary and tilt position sensors
  • ATEX, IECEx and CSA approved position sensors
  • Deep sea submersible position and pressure sensors
  • Galvanically isolated amplifiers

Markets served

  • Oil and gas
  • Civil engineering
  • Heavy duty and agricultural vehicles
  • Mining
  • Renewable energy
  • Offshore/Marine



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Contact information


Andoversford Industrial Estate
GL54 4LB
+44 1242 820027
Main contact - Mark Spreadbury – mark@positek.com

  • ISO9001, ATEX, IECEX, CSA accreditations
  • Delivery in as little as 1 day
  • Fully customised designs
  • Drop in replacements for competitor products